Updating ranch home pictures

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Updating ranch home pictures

There were a record number of marriages in 1946 and again in 1947, and a record number of births — the beginning of the Baby Boom generation. Young couples with infants were living above garages, in spare rooms, in tiny apartments with their parents; returning veterans were forced to live in their cars. The ideal of actually owning a home was distant dream to the average wage-earner.

By 1946, the demand for new housing had been growing for years. All of the "strategic" materials needed to build housing went to war with our armed forces and built barracks, airfields and officer's clubs from Burma to Murmansk.Quite a strange occurrence when diseases can pass the species barrier as typically they are specific to a group of animals.However, more frequently I’m seeing a lot of snakes with symptoms of Snake Fungal Disease (SFD).We are always accepting names for the puppy waiting list.When we have a litter, we will send an email advisement to all on the waiting list. We post all puppy photos to the website and send an email advisement requesting everyone's puppy choices.

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The most costly and deadliest war of all time was finally over. The total wealth of the nation had doubled in just four years.

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