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As far back as Oracle 8.1.5 documentation, row movement applied to updatable partition keys.A list partition where the partition key is a specific value is a good example of this.The Bitmap indexes on the fact table are automatically created as Local (rather than as the default Global) Indexes and are only rebuild the Bitmap Indexes on the partitions that have any data changes.The combination of having local indexes which may be created in parallel on each partition and only rebuilding the required indexes, considerably reduces the overall time taken to load the fact or aggregate table.In order to demonstrate that, I will create a demonstration user with a non-partitioned table with privileges and additional dependent objects on it: The challenge is now to change this table into a partitioned one while it is used with DML & queries by end users.For this purpose, we introduced already in 9i (if I recall it right) the package DBMS_REDEFINITION.Many partitioned table examples use regions, cities and states as list examples.What happens if you use a city as a partition key and an office in that city moves elsewhere?

SQL select partition_name, num_rows 2 from user_tab_partitions 3 where table_name = 'MY_EMP_TBL' 4 order by partition_position 5 /PARTITION_NAME NUM_ROWS------------------------------ ----------MY_EMP_TBL_IN 33MY_EMP_TBL_SG 33MY_EMP_TBL_US 33SQL select * from my_emp_tbl where emp_id = 4; EMP_ID CO EMP_NAME---------- -- --------------------------------------------------JOIN_DATE--------- 4 SG 9WSXMYH66V6I8B1LKKW7YRTG2VYQGY2OPIT54OFW16-JUL-10SQL update my_emp_tbl set country_id = 'IN' where emp_id = 4;update my_emp_tbl set country_id = 'IN' where emp_id = 4 *ERROR at line 1: ORA-14402: updating partition key column would cause a partition change SQLSo it is not just ALTER TABLE SHRINK that the ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT is necessary for. One of the relatively newer features in Oracle concerns the moving of rows. An early use of row movement was highlighted in Oracle8i, and row movement then, as well as now, applied to moving rows in a partitioned table.Why would a row move and who or what controls that movement? With newer releases of the Oracle RDBMS, where else does row movement come into play, and are there any gotcha's with respect to row movement operations?SQL file for implementing partitions on a particular table - edit this .SQL file to reflect the desired partition strategy and execute it.

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Authors: Patrick Block, Principal Member Technical Staff, Oracle BI Apps Development Simon Miller, Director OBIA, Oracle Customer Engineering and Advocacy Lab (CEAL team) Support for table partitioning was introduced to the BI Applications 11.x release series starting with version