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Moisture and rain not only cause grapes to become diluted, but water can also cause grey rot.

Great wine can only be made from first class grapes and so quality-conscious viticulturists try to do everything they can to avoid rot and produce top quality grapes.

A few bones from this animal were found on the Southern end of the island in 1871 and are now in a museum in Canterbury.

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By manipulating reality, the artist instills uncertainty and rumors. The emic approach studies the way local populations think whereas the etic approach stresses the outside observer’s viewpoint.

12.12 / 13 – 01.02/2014 Galerie Xippas, Paris To investigate a specific place, the artist selects real situations, applies the carefully crafted lens of sociology, history, and geology, and transforms them into new and sometimes even imaginary ones.

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Inspired by the miniature lead soldiers invented in Germany in the 1800s, Satorre draws a parallel between playfulness and Colonialism – which is responsible for numerous ecological devastations.

His artwork focusing on the Haast’s Eagle draws on the Maori legend, which tells of a giant eagle named Hokioi who was capable of capturing people.


The artist has most notably focused on two local phenomena: the extinction of a certain indigenous bird species and the legend of the Haast’s Eagle.