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Moving forward, it is our honor and privilege to introduce breaking world exclusives from Jónó Mí Ló, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, Scot Drakula, Sporting Life, The Tulips, American Dream, Her Habits, L. Girlfriend, Burning Palms, Gosh Pith, Venus and the Moon, Glass Gang, City Society, co-curated by Ex Cops, and more—in no particular order.

Jónó Mí Ló, inventive artist of the digital age has graced the world with his project Daytime Television, label Afternoons Modeling and entertaining the waves of vapors that have informed the ‘chill’ movements, and health goth fixations of late.

His interest in music blossomed from that point on, and as he grew older, he added many instruments to his repertoire. Reynolds High School, Folds was playing a number of instruments with many different bands.

Folds played percussion in the North Carolina Symphony's youth orchestra and dreamed of one day performing with a professional ensemble. Following his high school graduation in 1984, Folds briefly attended the University of Miami's Frost School of Music on a drum scholarship.

Folds assumed the status of de facto Australian when he married Frally Hynes in 1999 and moved to her home town of Adelaide.

Big news this week, as one of the web’s biggest music streamers, You Tube starts You Tube Music Key subscription key; The Knife played their supposed “last show” at the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavík; a new David Bowie single; Nicki Minaj’s questionably fascist lyric video for “Only”; Kim Kardashian’s ‘so-called breaking the internet‘; we heard about unfortunate Eminem rhymes; Azealia Banks versus Disclosure, The Stone Roses, & more; a Daft Punk live box set in time for the holidays; Dave Grohl wants his own festival; and we mourn the loss of Sugarhill Gang’s Big Bank Hank.The group released several locally produced records.They played their first gig at Duke University's Battle of the Bands in 1988, and won., Folds produced Amanda Palmer's first solo album and was a judge on the NBC a cappella singing contest The Sing-Off from 2009 to 2013. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, Folds played in several bands as the pianist, bassist, or drummer.In the late 1980s, Folds (as a bassist) and longtime friend Millard Powers formed the band Majosha.

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  1. They may not want to get attached for fear of losing you, but you have to work to build their trust. ” or if you’re late to a date and get a “sailors, always on their own time,” you have to learn to dish it back with a smile.