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Posted by / 24-Jan-2018 08:08

While Internet dating can be an effective way to find the perfect partner for you, it has some safety risks.Don’t let your online quest for love leave you suffering ill consequences- take caution when seeking the man of your dreams in cyberspace.

Choosing the right site The cyber-sea of love can be overwhelming to navigate.But from what we’ve heard about the cost of dating in northern California, their wallets may not be so safe.With a stunningly low violent crime rate and the eighth-ranked STD rate, Portland ranks as the third-safest city for online dating.These scores tell you the cities where you should feel safe meeting people and those where you may want to use extra caution.San Jose ranked well in both STDs per capita (seventh) and violent crimes per capita (fourth), so San Jose residents should feel safe about the people they meet from dating sites.

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